Sunday, November 8, 2009

TVB 42nd Anniversary Award Picks

The nominees are finally out! Yikes, you know it's been a disappointing year for TVB when you go down the nominee list constantly saying 'ick' in your mind. Also, this list is rather inaccurrate. There are many people that should be considered leads, but were nominated in the supporting cateogry. Meanwhile, many people that should be considered supporting were nominated in lead. Plus, TVB didn't make the best decision to change it to top 15 instead of top 10.

Best Actor

My Pick(s) : Wayne Lai, Dayo Wong
My Vote : Wayne Lai
Who Deserves to Win : Wayne Lai
Who Will Win : Wayne Lai

It angers me that Bosco was able to be nominated for Best Actor for Burning Flame 3 while Aimee Chan was nominated for Best Supporting Actress when both were of equal standing in the series. I also wish that Joe had been nominated for Born Rich instead of When Easterly Showers Fall on the Sunny West. While I've never been a fan of Joe, I much prefer him as the charming and hardworking "Topman" in Born Rich than the annoying guy in Easterly. I absolutely loved Dayo in You're Hired and every series he's in. Since he's not contracted to TVB though, he doesn't have any chance of winning despite most likely getting into the top 5. Wayne still has my vote and deserves it the most for his superb performance in Chai Kau in Rosy Business.

Best Actress

My Pick(s) : Sheren Tang
My Vote : Sheren Tang
Who Deserves to Win : Sheren

Who Will Win : Sheren, Tavia

It's obvious that The Gem of Life has been long forgotten and it's a surprise that all 3 leading ladies are nominated for it. Ada delivered a great performance and deserves the nomination but it's pretty clear that she won't win. Sheren is an exquisette and versatile actress who deserved this award four years ago for her performance in War and Beauty. She portrayed her character perfectly. Now that she has Catherine Tsang on her side (who is ironically the one who supported Gigi for Best Actress instead of Sheren in 2004) Sheren has a high chance of winning. On the other hand, Tavia also has a high chance of winning as well as a lot of support from TVB. After all, one of the main reasons the Anniversary Awards was dealyed was so TVB could be crowned TV Queen right?

Best Supporting Actor

My Pick(s) : Derek Kwok
My Vote : Derek
Who Deserves to Win : Derek
Who Will Win : Michael Tse

Hands down, Michael will win. Laughing Gor was way over hyped, but I still loved Michael's performance. Fans of Laughing Gor are going to kill me for saying this, but I believe having the chance to star in a movie was already a great and rare enough opportunity for Michael. I really hope Derek will win this award because he was awesome as Ching Yee in D.I.E. Again and an extradorinary actor in general. He's still so underrated and hasn't ever had the chance to be a main lead. It's rather hilarious Joel is here because while I'm not against him he not only didn't have an insignificent character he had probably less than 20 minutes screen time in all of E.U. Is Ron being demoted to supporting actor, just when he's starting to improve? Sheeh, TVB. Talk about being unfair and stupid when giving artistes chances. Pierre Ngo also did an excellent job in Rosy Business but he has a better chance winning Most Improved. Raymond Wong's role in Sweetness in the Salt was clearly a main lead, just behind Steven, and yet he's nominated for Best Supporting Actor? Not to mention he has one of the smallest spots on the series' poster. While it would've been a smart decision as he would have a higher chance of winning, it's not a very smart decision since he's against Michael, Derek, and Pierre.

Best Supporting Actress

My Pick(s) : Susan Tse, Selena Li
My Vote : Susan Tse
Who Deserves to Win : Susan
Who Will Win : Susan

One of the things about awards is there is usually more than one deserving winner but in the end, there can only be one 'best.' There are also best performances by the younger artistes and best performances by veterans. Sometimes I wish that each category could be split into two sub categories exactly for that reason. Susan's performance in Rosy Business was amazing and so convincing. Selena lost out on being nominated for Most Improved Actress, otherwise she would've been a sure win. While I think she is building up to becoming Best Supporting material, I decided to give my vote to Susan. I would've prefered Nancy to be nominated for D.I.E. Again instead and for Joyce to have been nominated for The King of Snooker. It's surprising to see all the wifes from Rosy Business nominated. Huh, it was pretty clear The Stew of Life was Fala's first lead role and yet she was nominated in the Best Supporting category? That doesn't seem fair. Same with Christine.

My Favorite Male Character

My Pick(s) : Dayo
My Vote : Dayo Wong
Who Deserves to Win : Dayo
Who Will Win : Michael, Wayne

100% supporting Dayo's Mak Tai Song! Unfortunately, he has low chances of winning for the same reason as why he won't win Best Actor stated above. I'm thinking Michael will win though...I mean in the case he does not win Best Supporting (and lose to Derek hopefully?) then TVB won't let him go home empty handed. Poor Dayo. Moses should be nominated for his character in Beyond the Realm of Conscience as opposed to The Gem of Life where everyone hated him.

My Favorite Female Character

My Pick(s) : Charmaine for Lam Miu Miu
My Vote : Charmaine for Lam Miu Miu
Who Deserves to Win : Charmaine for Lam Miu Miu
Who Will Win : Charmaine for Lau Sam Ho or Tavia

Charmaine has made history once again for the Anniversary Awards! I really hope that she will take home the award for Lam Miu Miu. I found Miu Miu so much more lovable, adorable, and real in You're Hired. Meanwhile, Lau Sam Ho is too 'good' and unrealistic. If Tavia doesn't win Best Actress, this award will most likely be given to her. Anita's Yat-Sum/Rene is also one of my favorites.

Most Improved Actor

My Pick(s) : Raymond Wong
My Vote : Raymond Wong
Who Deserves to Win : Pierre Ngo, Raymond
Who Will Win : Pierre

While Pierre is indeed an excellent and underrated actor, I just loved Raymond in Sweetness in the Salt. If Johnson were to win this award, I would've prefered him to win it last year for his role BT/Ben in Catch Me Now. I haven't watched Off Pedder, so I can't speak for the last two nominees. It's a shame Patrick Tang, Chan Chin Pang, and Him Law weren't nominated. TVB also thinks that this year's artistes haven't improved and yet they left out the true most improved...

Most Improved Actress

My Pick(s) : Sharon Chan, Selena Li
My Vote : Sharon Chan
Who Deserves to Win : Selena Li, Sharon Chan
Who Will Win : Aimee Chan

The most disappointing cateogry. Selena isn't even nominated! Queenie is still too stiff and unnatural. While I love Koni, it's ridiculous and unfair she was nominated for only once series where she appeared for only 3 episodes. Why is a ke le fe like Catherine nominated? It's too soon for Queenie, Koni, Catherine, and Aimee to win this award. Sharon is the strongest contender, and if Selena can't win it, Sharon deserves it. While I don't like Sharon as much as Selena, I still really like her and think she's becoming a great actress.

Best Series

My Pick(s) : Rosy Business, You're Hired, Beyond, Born Rich
My Vote : Born Rich
Who Deserves to Win : All the above
Who Will Win : Beyond the Realm of Conscience

It's been a weak year full of mediocre series, but the highlights of the year are truly highlights. It's a tough category, but in the end I chose Born Rich because of it's great cast, engaging plot, and mix of drama and comedy. You're Hired is still one of my all time favorites and I would wish it could get an honorable mention or something but that obviously won't happen. Nevertheless, Beyond has the highest chance of winning.

Best Host

My Pick(s) : Ronald Cheng, Edmound Leung, and Alex Fong for Beautiful Cooking
My Vote : Ronald, Edmound, Alex
Who Deserves to Win : Ronald, Edmound, Alex
Who Will Win : Eric Tsang, Chin Ka Lok, Wong Cho Lam, and Louis Yuen for Super Trio Supreme

If it weren't for the hilarious and lovable collaboration of Ronald, Edmound, and Alex, Beautiful Cooking wouldn't be half as good. The three are great and funny together. The award will most likely go to the guys of Super Trio.

Best Variety Show

My Pick(s) : Beautiful Cooking
My Vote : Beautiful Cooking
Who Deserves to Win : Beautiful Cooking
Who Will Win : Super Trio Supreme

Whether I enjoy watching Beautiful Cooking or Super Trio more varies from episode to episode. While I have to admit I tend to enjoy Super Trio more as it's games are more varied and change a lot, I think it's time for Beautiful Cooking to win since I believe Super Trio has already won this award many times. Most Popular Artiste

My Pick(s) : Selena Li
My Vote : Selena Li
Who Deserves to Win : Selena Li
Who Will Win : Tavia Yeung

My favorite TVB blog to visit has got to be Selena's. You probably know that Selena has decided to continue her studies and has been returning to Canada to go to university. She's updated her blog letting us know how she's doing in university as well as her life. You can tell that Selena is a very sweet, cute, innocent, and youthful girl from how she writes. Not to mention, she has just posted an adorable picture of her dressing as a pirate for Halloween. :)


  1. I'm with you in almost everyone of your picks! I think I would prefer Nancy to win Best Supporting Actress instead even though she's nominated for Rosy Business instead of D.I.E. Again. Susan deserves it as well, but I just love Nancy so much these days that I'm going to be biased.

    I really hope BTROC doesn't win Best Series. If either one of the grand productions win, at this point, I hope it's BR. However, I would love to see YH win, but the series is not perfect either. Rosy Business seems almost flawless to me in terms of script even though it didn't have a heavy impact on me. In terms of both storyline and acting, I think Rosy should win.

    Hmm... you want Selena to win Most Popular Artiste? I don't really have a preference for that award. Last year it was so obvious that Raymond will win. I think Tavia will win this year.

    It's not surprising that I agree with what you said about everything else! :)

  2. it s funny how everyone and media say that TVB push back Award show because of Tavia. If you looked at the list, Charmaine and Moses also are nominated for Best Actress and Best Actor. And what would people say if one of these two won?
    Nonetheless, these are my votes:
    Best Actor: Wayne Lai
    Best Actress: Sheren Tang
    Best Supporting Actor: Michael Tse
    Best Supporting Actress: Susan Tse
    My Favorite Male Character: Dayo Wong
    My Favorite Female Character: Ada Choi
    Most Improved Actor: Raymond Wong
    Most Improved Actress: Sharon Chan
    Best Series: Rosy Business
    Best Host:Ronald Cheng, Edmound Leung, Alex Fong
    Best Variety Show: Beautiful Cooking 2 Tavia Yeung

  3. liling - LOL, you're definitely becoming biased cuz of Nancy now! :D I'm not enjoying Beyond too much now. Perhahps I'm just not a fan of all the fighting, arguging, and backstabbing. While it's interesting, I hate how justice is never granted in the palace back then. Other than Lee Kwok Lun and Ram Tseung, the male cast for Beyond (cough cough Moses and Kevin cough) bore me. However, I' still in love with all the beautiful costumes used in the series. TVB didn't spare any effort into them! If it comes between the 2 grand productions, I too want BR to win instead. But BR can easily become one of those series that start off strong and end like crap (not to curse it). While I love YH and it's one of my fav series, there are definitely many flaws in the plot. Rosy by far has the best written script. BTW, I'm curious, of the two popular characters this year (Laughing Gor and Chai Kau), which do you prefer more?

    Yeah, Tavia will most likely win. Since this award isn't exactly most popular TVB artiste ever, and just how popular their blog is, I voted for Selena. I loved reading her updates about how she was doing in Canada and her studies. Her Halloween pictures were so cute! Plus, her blog is written in English so I can actually read it. :P

    fanfic - Haha, I hope you didn't get that wrong. I was just stating the ridiculous things the media claim. Of course, the real reason TVB delayed the anniversary awards was for Beyond and BR to take part. With that, many of the artistes from the two productions were nominated too. However, it makes me a little nervous how TVB is promoting Tavia to become this year's TV Queen. I love Tavia, but I really do think Sheren deserves it. Considering how TVB seems to not favor Sheren too much, they're always letting her loose out on this award. While it's probably not true, the possibilty that they're promoting Tavia to become TV Queen so that Sheren can't win makes my stomach churn. :(

  4. And like any other human being, I made a couple of typos in my last comment. :(

  5. no, Tavia wont win for sure. Remember last year, before MR was filmed, everyone said that TVB wanted to use MR to promote him as Best Actress. However, it turned out that Ha Yu won. This year is the same, Tavia is said to be Best Actress, but Sheren will win it, because she has support from Catherine Tsang and Mona Fong. IMO, both Raymond and Tavia are used as TVB's ploy to promote and create hype for MR and Beyond.

  6. LOL, seriously. I can't agree more with you about Beyond. BR definitely has the stronger cast and more experienced actors. In my opinion, Moses and Kevin were never good actors and TVB only promoted them to make them seem like good actors in the eyes of the audiences. I try not to laugh each time TVB hosts praises these two guys acting like its the heavens. I really liked the "cough cough Moses and Kevin cough" part. It made my day. ;)

    Indeed, only Lee Kwok Lun and Ram shines. I'm trying quite hard to like the others, but it's really difficult and like you, I'm not really a fan of the backstabbing stuff. Quite immature and dumb, but I'm trying hard not to dislike it.

    Lol, I would choose neither. I chose Mak Tai Song. It's going to be mentioned on my upcoming post. While I think Rosy Business has the strongest script so far and the best set of artistes besides BR, I never had that feeling inside me that I liked the series. I only finished it for the sake of finishing it. (LOL, I have no idea what I just said.) It still deserves to be Best Series of the year. The problem is not the script, not the producer, nor the artistes, but the fact that I'm more interested in modern dramas nowadays.

  7. fanfic - Yeah, I read that. I'm very happy Catherine's supporting Sheren for Best Actress. Since Sheren is getting her support, she has very high chaces of winning and I'm happy for her. However, Tavia will probably take home the My Favorite Female Character award as well as Most Popular Artiste. It's nice that TVB has been supporting their veterans to win more lately.

    Liling - I love the character development of all the characters in BR! The only characters I don't like much are Marcus or Angie, but that has more to do with me not liking their personality and actions than the writing of that character. (If that even made any sense xD) Indeed, Moses and Kevin are not very good actors. However, it was rude of Lee Sze Kei to only praise the MR Best Actor candidates last year, acting like Roger and Kevin were crap. Especially considering Kevin delivered an exceptionally good performance in Last One Standing. Aw, I'm glad that piece of humor made your day! Reading comments always make my day. :)

    The backstabbing stuff is very irritating. It's like we're back to middle school where a girl backstabs her best friend by going out with her so called 'ex-boyfriend' or something, lol. Oh great, now I'm complaining about how pathetic the sterotypical middle school society is. :(

    I was just wondering of the two characters which you prefered more, I know you love Mak Tai Song most. I do too. :) Can't wait for your next post! BTW, you're not going to comment on ALL 15 candidates are you? That'll be really long! I'm more interested in modern dramas nowadays as well. But watching an ancient series every now and then makes it feel more refreshing and different. Unfortunately, I'm not really getting that refreshing feeling from Beyond.

  8. i get annoyed that actors like Kevin and Moses film most of major production. Also, some say Moses is TVB big brother now. I dont really hate him, in fact i like his personality. However, saying that is totally crazy; it also shows how bad TVB now since they dont have good actors anymore or they dont treasure them anymore. Past TVB big sisters/brothers like Gallen, Roger, Esther, Jessica... have really good acting skills and on-screen charisma. Nowadays, Charmaine, Moses and Kevin are just ok.

  9. For me, if the best actor and actress is based solely on acting skills and not popularity of the series, i'd have chosen Ada Choi for best actress and Gallen Lo for best actor. Ada was fantastic in her character for Gem of Life. While Tavia portrayed her evil role well, her inexperience can still be felt, especially if you compare her acting to the other evil empress, Susan, who is able to speak much more volume with her eyes. While Wayne has always been a good actor, I don't see any breakthrough for his usual (good) acting besides the fact that this is his first major role in a serial.

    But of course, if i have to predict, i'll predict Wayne and Sheren to be winning, altho my votes will go to Ada. I won't vote for anyone in the best actor category this year though. :)

    Best supporting: Susan Tse and Michael Tse (i also support raymond wong)

    Fav female character: i like Mo (Off Peddar).
    Fav male character: no feeling. ;P

  10. queen_owl - You raise a good point. The awards should definitely be based more solely on acting skills and not the popularity of the series. When a series airs also affects the chances of it winning an award because people tend to 'forget' easily. If it's broadcasted when the year's just started, chances are you'll forget about it when the Anniversary comes. Susan is amazingly convincing as the Empress! I still believe Tavia has so much potential and is a very good actress out of the younger generation, but she can't measure up to the veterans just yet. I hope she will win Best Actress sometime in the next 10 years, just now. BTW, you say things about Wayne's role in RB being nothing new, but what about Sheren? What did you think of her role there?

    Did you actually vote? I don't think you can leave any categories blank...:)

    I'm glad there's someone else who thinks Raymond did a great job in Sweetness. :) He deserves to be nominated in Best Actor, not Best Supporting.

    Aw, you're not a fan of Dayo's Mak Tai Song?

    Thanks for commenting, queen_owl! I know you've been following me on Twitter for a long time, so I'm glad you've finally left me a comment! Hope to see you around more! :)

  11. fanfic - Agreed, TVB artistes these days can't be compared to the ones in the last decade. While they've had their strong performances (Kevin gave an exceptionally good performance in Last One Standing), they don't carry the same unique charisma. I feel that nowadays, I like artistes more for their personality than their acting. While it's great to like a person's personality, it's another thing for it to be the only thing you like. :/ It's rare I like someone for their personality and acting these days.

  12. Hehe yes... i haven't been commenting or tweeting that much since my semester started but i'm still reading everything. :)

    i thought Sheren did extremely well in RB of course. no doubt about that. at least for her, i see completely different experessions in all her different roles, like if you compare her role in RB with that one where she was a tutor, (about football co-starring bobby auyeung), or with that housewife show (sorry i'm really bad at titles)!
    Wayne, on the other hand, has very similar expressions for all his roles (except off peddar) when he's portraying his impatience & rage. so i wasn't overly impressed, although i can't deny he is a good actor without doubt.
    i love Tavia, of course! just that when pitched against veterans the difference can be felt. btw, i've liked tavia since her first tvb serial (if that's her first) with michelle ye and raymond lam. that show (again, forgot title!) made me a fan of tavia and raymond till today. :D

    as for Dayo, i enjoyed his performance too, yes! but then again, it's so him, whenever he's in comedy. comparing since long long time ago, when he acted with dodo cheng in a serial, to the one with ada choi and then now, You're Hired, just so similar. good, but there's no so-called breakthrough opportunity or acting that i see so far.


  13. queen_owl - Well I'm glad you commented on a post (my post! :D) then. :)

    First off, to clear off your confusion of all those titles:

    Football/Bobby - Your Class or Mine
    Houswives - The Family Link
    Tavia/Raymond/Michelle - Eternal Happiness
    Dayo/Dodo - War of the Genders
    Dayo/Ada - To Catch the Uncatchable

    I truly believe Tavia has what it takes to be a future Best Actress winner, sometime in the next 10 years. (Which by then would make her a veteran) However, Sheren's deserved this award long ago.

    True, but Dayo is probably the only actor who's naturally funny with perfect comedic timing. I'm watching War of the Genders on/off again now, and I'm currently about half done. I love it! He and Dodo are a hilarious pair of rival lovers! :D

  14. The Way I would loved it to turn out was :

    Best Series : Beyond The Realm Of Conscience
    ( I rather it won in 2009 than its sequel in 2010 when the No Regrets 2 was simply awesome )

    Best Actor : Definitely Wayne Lai

    Best Actress : Sheren Tang and Tavia Yeung
    ( No one said I couldn't give the award to two recipients anyway )

    Best Supporting Actor : Michael Tse
    ( i doubt so there's much debate )

    Best Supporting Actress: Susan Tse
    ( i prefer her to be nominated for Empress in BTROC though. But Nancy deserves better for 2010 shows, and that I actually pity Susanna Kwan - never had a chance to win any of the acting categories :( )

    Favourite Actor : Wayne Lai as Chai Gau
    ( His quotes are so famous that even Lee Sze Kei has to step aside from her famous quotes of Heart of Greed )

    Favourite Actress : Definitely Tavia Yeung as Yiu Kam Ling
    ( No one can match her acting as the YOUNG yet scheming lady. Besides, she portrayed the drastic transition from being the protagonist to the antagonist pretty well )

    Best Improved Actor : Pierre Ngo
    ( He's simply awesome in Rosy Business. Period )

    Best Improved Actress : Sharon Chan
    ( I saw her from hosting to acting in Born Rich. Pretty, smart and good in acting, she deserves it ) : Wayne Lai
    ( considering his popularity then, he will get it )

    I am gonna bypass the others :)