Sunday, November 22, 2009

New Feature : Comeback

In the new generation of TVB where a majority of artistes don't act very well or carry the same unique charisma, we're overjoyed when we see our old stars from "back in the day." In the last few years, may of our beloved veterans have returned to the small screen. A problem that arises though is what they choose to be their comeback series. The main factors to a great and memorable comeback include:

  • Good script/plot
  • Interesting role
  • Room to showcase talent and acting abilities
  • The potential popularity/grandness of the series

One should be more picky when selecting their comeback series. If they consider one factor and leave out the other, it could result in disappointment. TVB Interaction takes you on a ride of the most recent comebacks, great, bad, and mediocre...

2005 - Michael Miu - The Academy

Being one of the more stronger comebacks, Michael certainly didn't disappoint with his portrayal of "Li Sir." It's unknown if he considered the factors listed above, but he certainly obeyed them whether it was intentional or not.

The Script -
While The Academy wasn't flawless or a breakthrough series, it was still enjoyable with an above average plot. The theme of PTS (Police Training School) was refreshing as we got to see what you went through before becoming a policemen, something that hasn't been touched upon for a long time. The series initially started off a little slow and repetitive, but it later turns into a sweet and addicting one. The Academy also by far has one of the best character growth.

The Role -
Hands down, "Li Sir" is the best thing about The Academy. He is the heart of the series, and without him I wouldn't have enjoyed the series nearly as much. The character was much more complex with better writing than the average TVB character. Li Sir was dynamic instead of the usual static. From the outside, he appeared 'cool', strict, and unreasonable. As the series progressed we learned that he is a very caring, passionate, helpful person with so many other positive traits. It was for these reasons, Li Sir is truly considered a 'hero' in my book and is what makes him one of my all time favorite characters.

The Performance -
Michael couldn't have portrayed "Li Sir" even better. I absolutely loved his performance. He portrayed the complexity and depth of Li Sir perfectly. You are absolutely convinced he is the ridiculously unreasonable and strict officer in the beginning but slowly realize how an amazing person he is. It's a shame Michael lost 2005's Best Actor award to Roger Kwok's Ah Wong, despite being able to get into the top 5.

Michael Miu's comeback in The Academy is as good as it's going to get these days. While the series hasn't become one of TVB's all time most popular series, it scored great ratings back when it released in 2005. It was also the start of the popular trilogy along with sequels On the First Beat and E.U. The popularity of the series still lives on, as a third sequel/fourth installment is said to be in the works.

2008 - Idy Chan - Catch Me Now

A beloved actress of the 80's , Idy was absent from the small screen for fifteen years before appearing in 2008's Catch Me Now as the leading lady. While she picked a series with a good script, it unfortunately ended there. As a result, Idy's comeback is classified as rather disappointing.

The Script - Catch Me Now was a modern version of the popular old tale Robin Hood. The series was engaging and interesting. The plot for the most part was excellent, addictive, and refreshing. Overall, the series was a success, pulling in high ratings and good buzz.

The Role - The naive and innocent housewife Yung Yung failed to win our hearts. As she was not well written like Jack Ko or BT, her character wasn't able to interest us too much. For the most part, Yung Yung was pretty boring.

The Performance - Perhaps how much time Idy had taken off from acting affected her performance. She was stiff and not very natural. Many of her scenes were later dubbed over due to production complications, making it look even more unnatural. Idy's performance could've been much better.

Idy's disappointing comeback was not only at the fault of her role but also in her performance, as mentioned above. However, considering she had taken a break from acting for so long, I'd cut her some slack. When you don't do something for a long time, you'll be quite rusty when suddenly picking it up again. As for Idy, I'm sure she'll warm up and become the great actress she is again if she decided to continue acting, which at this point seems unlikely.

2008 - Margie Tsang - D.I.E.

Margie was popular in the mid to late 80's and was loved for her beauty. She married in the late 90's and had a child, but later divorced. Just last year, she made a comeback to TVB with D.I.E. and later When a Dog Loves a Cat. Her comeback to series was short lived, but she is currently hosting a talk show called Club Venus with Dodo and Liza.

The Script - Although cheesy and rather silly, D.I.E. was cute and enjoyable. It was obviously unrealistic but often funny. The plot though was predictable, preferably the cases. While fun to watch, it proved to be unmemorable when the sequel came around and hardly anyone could recall anything from the original. D.I.E. was still a success though and it had the highest ratings in 2008 before Moonlight Resonance came along.

The Role - Playing the older sister of Roger and the love interest of Derek, 'Chi Ching' was a very likable character. She had good sibling chemistry with Roger and made the sweetest couple with Derek. Her character was not too special nor memorable, but the audience was still able to warm up to her and enjoy her presence.

The Performance - Margie gave a solid performance and was cute despite being in her 40's. She proved to age nicely as she still looks very pretty. The character didn't allow much room for Margie to show off her acting though. 'Yue Chi Ching' was not a challenge for Margie.

While not as much of a disappointing comeback as Idy's, Margie's comeback wasn't too memorable or special. Although cute and likable, role wasn't anything unique and can be easily forgotten. However, it's always nice to see our stars from 'back in the day.'

And so here we wrap up the first batch of comebacks. So far, we've got a great one, disappointing one, and a likable but forgettable one. What do you think of Michael, Idy, and Margie's comebacks? Who would you like to make a comeback? Comment telling me what you think of this post and your thoughts/opinions!


  1. hi Iris!

    this post is great! will it be like a "In Your Face" feature, with 3 artistes featured in each? looking forward to more to come! :)

    i think the best comeback has to be Michael's! i enjoyed every series he has acted in since his comeback; he is the icon of The Academy, like how Laughing is the icon of E.U. i think TVB tried to make Michael Tao (OMG i just realised something -- TA had Michael Miu, On the 1st Beat had Michael Tao, and E.U. had both Michael Miu and Michael Tse! Michael overload! :D sorry for ranting, i just realised it so i thought to write it out!) a father-mentor figure like how Li Sir was in TA, but it didn't succeed for me. his pairing with Sonija was not very exciting either - it pales in comparison to Li Sir's love story with Michelle Yim! the best mentor ever was still Li Sir :)

    as for Idy, she was one factor which made me dislike Catch Me Now slightly. it was a great show, but her role was really weak and it was frustrating to watch her. if i'm to choose between her and Margie for best actress comeback, it'll be Margie hands-down!

    i loved Margie in D.I.E! she was so cute and extremely sweet with Derek Kwok's Ching-yee :) although she annoyed me so much in When a Dog Loves a Cat, she still proves to be a great actress, and i do look forward to her starring in more series, although that seems rather unlikely at the moment.

    thanks again for this post! i really enjoyed it! Li Sir all the way :D

  2. krystal - You guessed right! It's going to be like my In Their Face feature w/ 3 artistes featured in each. :)

    Yep, there were 3 Michael's in the three installments. Michael Miu's comeback is definitely the best one (so far) though! Gallen's role in Born Rich as a villain is also great but it's not his actual comeback, When A Dog Loves a Cat was and that was disappointing. Li Sir was obviously the best mentor!

    As the leading actress, they could've done a much better job writing Idy's character. :/
    Catch Me Now would've been 'excellent' if her character was better!

    I love Marge and Derek! Their chemsistry is so cute and sweet! It really does seem unlikely that Margie (and Idy) will film any more series in the near future...:(

    Always thank you for being such a loyal reader of mine! Li Sir forever! :D

  3. 1st of all, i like the new banner - 2 of my faves too!! :D haha, but Raymond does look a bit scary LOL :D

    that's great! i'll be looking forward to your next "Comeback" feature!

    hmmm... i thought When a Dog Loves a Cat was Gallen's goodbye series. LOL, must be mistaken. yes, When a Dog Loves a Cat was really really disappointing. not that i expected much from it in the first place.

    that's really sad. i would love to see Margie again. a pity the image of her stuck in my head isn't Chi Ching, but her super annoying character in When a Dog Loves a Cat.

    i love reading your posts! keep it up! :)

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