Saturday, November 21, 2009

In Their Face #4

I can't believe I've put off writing another In Their Face installment for so long! Over 2 months! Here's the return of a TVB Interaction fan favorite...

Fala Chen

Initially in her career, Fala received many third party and 'bad girl' roles which made people dislike her. However, Fala has never given up and has been a very hardworking person. A girl with ambition, she has jumped from supporting to main in the last year. Even through the time where people strongly disapproved of her, she gave her all and worked hard. She reached a breakthrough in her career in 2008 playing the mute Ah Hing in Moonlight Resonance. She's also straightforward in the case she's reasonable in her actions and thinking. She can give off many different 'feels' in her roles including sexy, innocent, sweet, or headstrong. Fala also proves there's more to her than acting though when she said she loves children and announced she would definitely retire from the industry after becoming a mother.

Nancy Wu

Not only is she one of best TVB actresses of the younger bunch, she also strikes you as the friendly and sweet type. Innocent and honest, you don't expect her to be giving up her dignity and wholesomeness by posing in a too revealing matter. Being in the industry since 2003 and yet not noticed by TVB till 2008, Nancy has still kept an optimistic and good attitude. This gives you the feeling that she actually loves acting, treats it as an art, and puts her heart into her performances. Not only that, she is a talented dancer. Without a doubt, Nancy has an immense amount of talent with both her feet firmly on the ground.

Charmaine Sheh

While she used to be criticized and disliked for her chicken voice and bad acting, Charmaine has been able to overcome the two factors, turning her into a television queen. How far she's come has to do with her personality. She's tough and hardworking, which is what pushes her forward. She is not one to cry easily nor easily get emotional. She is strong and knows how to take care of herself. Charmaine is also intelligent and reasonable. Instead of constantly looking into the future, she focuses on the present and what she can do now. As a result, she has complete control of her life and will not allow it to be run by anyone else.

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