Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Predicted Top 5 Medalists

I was surprised to hear that all the nominees of this year's TVB Anniversary Awards will be awarded with a medal. I'm also pleased too though, because the pride and prestige of a nominee is now at nothing since practically everyone was nominated. This way, the true 'best' and 'top' get to be properly awarded. Since I promised at least 4 posts revolving around the anniversary awards, this is probably a good topic to blog about right? Especially because I have no idea how predicting the top 5 slipped my mind in my last award-related post. :P

Most Improved Actress

Predicted Top 3: Sharon Chan, Aimee Chan, Koni Lui

So if there are only 5 nominations for Most Improved Actor & Actress, does this mean all nominees will go home with a medal? I hope not, especially since there are so many that don't deserve to be nominated in the first place for this award. I'm thinking (but mostly hoping) that it'll be the top 3.

This is the most disappointing category this year! Queenie doesn't even deserve to be nominated because she is as stiff and wooden as ever. While I loved Koni in Catch Me Now, if it was a year Koni shouldn't be nominated for this award it's this year. She was simply a guest appearance for 3 episodes in You're Hired. There were no seen improvements present either. While Aimee is ok for a newcomer, it's too early for her to win. It is clear that she has the highest chances though as TVB loves to play favoritism. With any hope Sharon will win this award because she has truly improved tons. Although her character in Pages of Treasures is impossible to like, I loved her performance. Not to mention, she is adorable in Born Rich. Why Selena wasn't nominated this year though still blows my mind.

Most Improved Actor

Predicted Top 3: Ngo Ka Nin, Raymond Wong, Johnson Lee
Unlike the former set of nominees, all 5 of these men deserved the nomination. Perhaps it's just a matter of which series it's for (in Johnson's case) and their 'status' (Raymond Chiu is usually a kelefe with the exception of his supporting role in Off Pedder). Ngo Ka Nin has the highest chances of winning with his superb performance as the villain in Rosy Business. Raymond gave a great breakthrough performance in Sweetness in the Salt as well but being in the industry for over 10 years, he has surpassed the 'improved' category. In a few years time, he should be able to snatch the Best Supporting Actor award. The only reason I'm including Johnson is because the two men in Off Pedder, although lucky enough to be nominated, I believe are not lucky enough to win. However, I would've much prefered Johnson to win last year for his role in Catch Me Now. Just Love II and The Stew of Life were forgettable and typical productions.

Most Favorite TV Female Character

Predicted Top 5: Hong Nga Sze from The Gem of Life (Ada Choi), Hong Bo Kei from Rosy Business (Sheren Tang), Lam Miu Miu from You're Hired (Charmaine Sheh), Lau Sam Ho from Beyond the Realm of Conscience (Charmaine), and Yiu Kam Ling from Beyond (Tavia Yeung)

Charmaine once again makes TVB Anniversary Award history by being the first person to be nominated twice in one category! Nevertheless, I much prefer the adorable Miu Miu to the goody goody Lau Sam Ho. Sam Ho is extremely undeveloped with her only characteristic being her 3 principles. These pure, good characters are unrealistic which makes you not like them much. While Hong Bo Kei is a very well written character, Lam Miu Miu remains my favorite character this year. Although The Gem of Life was a failure in terms of ratings and reception, Ada was still praised for her role and character. Chances of her getting into the top 5 are quite high, but Yiu Kam Ling has the highest chances of actually winning. This award will most likely go to Tavia if she loses out on Best Actress.

Most Favorite TV Male Character

Predicted Top 5: Ko Cheung Sing from The Gem Of Life (Bowie Lam), Laughing Gor from E.U. (Michael Tse), Chai Kau from Rosy Business (Wayne Lai), Mak Tai Song from You're Hired (Dayo Wong), and Cheuk Yat Ming from Born Rich (Gallen Lo)

I've been told Bowie's character was compelx with multiple layers. Any character written well like that is worth being nominated, and getting into the top 5. Of course, we arrive at the ever so popular Laughing Gor. With the HK audience mourning over his death and even creating a Facebook group for him, Most Favorite TV Male Character has Michael's name written all over it. Chai Kau was also a complex and well written character, but his popularity fell slightly short of Laughing Gor. Mak Tai Song is my favorite character though, as he was intelligent, witty, and sensitive. The fact that he was the only character to make me laugh this year without using overexaggerated humor is also a big plus. Lastly, we arrive at Born Rich 's villain Cheuk Yat Ming. He's winning everyone's like, except mine although I loved the character in the beginning. Well, let's just rename this award to The Laughing Gor award.

Best Supporting Actress

Predicted Top 5: Linda Chung for The Gem of Life, Susan Tse for Rosy Business, Susanna Kwan, Michelle Yim, and Selena Li for Beyond the Realm of Conscience

Linda is this year's 'black horse' candidate for her breakthrough performance in the ever so boring and draggy Gem. Although I have not watched a full episode, from what I've seen, I can agree with the praise she's been getting. Susan Tse is an amazing actress who can portray evil with simply her eyes and glare. Susanna Kwan and Michelle Yim are simply added in because I can't think of anyone else. Honestly, this category for the most part is rather disappointing this year. As great as Selena is in Beyond and as much as I love her, Susan is too outstanding of an actress to have gone without recognition for this long.

Best Supporting Actor

Predicted Top 5: Michael Tse for E.U., Ron Ng for Rosy Business, Ngo Ka Nin for Rosy Business, Derek Kwok for D.I.E. Again, and Lee Kwok Lun for Beyond

Once again, another award with Laughing Gor written all over it. Michael's performance in E.U. was indeed realistic and great, but I feel that Derek is an even better actor. He can make all of these facial expressions that range from sad to hilarious. Derek has yet to get any recognition despite serving TVB loyally for so long. Ngo Ka Nin is another strong candidate, but he has higher chances winning Most Improved. Lee Kwok Lun is the only male in Beyond other than Ram who shines with his evil portrayal. The only reason I've included Ron is my gut feeling, otherwise I'd much prefer Raymond Wong to make it to the top 5. Kenneth's adorable and sweet portrayal in Born Rich has won me over, but the actor has been nominated for this award countless times with no positive result.

Best Actress

Predicted Top 5: Ada Choi for The Gem of Life, Sheren Tang for Rosy Business, Charmaine Sheh for Beyond, Tavia Yeung for Beyond, and Anita Yuen for Born Rich

The future looks bright as Sheren has the highest chances of winning this year! The award has been stolen from Sheren's hands for too long and it makes me very happy that it seems she will win. While I love Tavia, it is too early for her to win Best Actress. Doing so will hurt her more than anything as she will be met with criticism despite being such a versatile young actress. One year, she will win this award, 100% deserving it and 100% me supporting her. Charmaine's performance (and character) in Beyond is nothing special, but TVB is all about the most popular series right? Anita Yuen also gives a strong performance in Born Rich with her easily lovable character.

Best Actor

Predicted Top 5: Bowie Lam for The Gem of Life, Wayne Lai for Rosy Business, Dayo Wong for You're Hired, Moses Chan for Beyond, and Gallen Lo for Born Rich

Other than the fact that he delivered an amazing performance, Wayne will most likely win because well...there's no one else who should be or can be given this award. Bowie, Dayo, and Gallen are all deserving nominees. With The Gem of Life being already long forgotten and Dayo and Gallen not contracted, the three have no chances of winning. Moses is only included because of the undeserved success of Beyond. While winning Best Actor just a year after wining Best Supporting seems a little quick, Wayne definitely deserves this award.

Best Series

Predicted Top 5: E.U., Rosy Business, You're Hired, Beyond the Realm of Conscience, and Born Rich

E.U. was the first series that gained our attention in the dull year of 2009 with it's movie like camera angles, action, and the popular Laughing Gor. Rosy Business boosts the great leads Sheren and Wayne as well as one of the best scripts in a long time. You're Hired stars the comedy king Dayo himself, making it one of the best comedies for as long as we can remember. Then, we have Beyond and Born Rich. Simply because they are grand productions they will make it to the top. Beyond will obviously take home this award, despite the script being just mediocre. Born Rich started off very strong, but it has declined and started to drag. What I regret? Voting for Born Rich when I should've voted for Rosy.


  1. I think I've promised so many times to post comments on your posts, but I can't find the time to.

    I can't reiterate how much Derek deserves Best Supporting. However, at the same time, I think Lee Kwok Lun is also deserving. His villain performance is just too convincing and realistic. I really hope Laughing Gor wins My Favorite Male Character as he deserves that one more. I hope he doesn't win both. But since DIE Again wasn't a success this year, I'm afraid this year he wouldn't win. Unless all the Best Supporting Actor nominees are not part of a grand production, then maybe Derek has a chance. But due to the undeserved popularity of Beyond, maybe Lee Kwok Lun has a chance of winning as well. I just hope Derek will be casted in some grand productions so his chances will be higher.

    Yes! I feel the same way about Tavia winning. It's Sheren's year and if Tavia wins I think she'll be criticized for winning at such a young age. I don't think the Best Actress award should be awarded by age, but Tavia didn't impress me as much as I hoped she did in Beyond. I guess this happens when you have expectations for a series.

    And I've been thinking that if Wayne doesn't win Best Actor, I'll through my remote in front of my screen. ;) And yes, while it's so quick for him to win Best Supporting Actor last year and Best Actor this year, he is every bit deserving of the award. Although Dayo is a wonderful actor and all, I still felt that Wayne's performance was slightly stronger. LOL, and I'm more a Mak Tai Song fan than a Chai Kau one.

  2. You're forgiven because you were nice enough so spare enough time to post a comment. :)

    Derek has 0% chance of winning :( but he has a high chance of at least getting into the top 5. Hey, at least he'll get a gold medal if he does! BTW, do you happen to know if Derek's won any awards? There are many artistes who don't recieve TVB anniversary awards but win awards elsewhere like at Astro or etc. Wow, I just noticed Derek really hasn't been casted in a grand production! :( While Lee Kwok Lun's an awesome villain and will get into the top 5 as well, this award has Laughing Gor written all over it. What bugs me about Lee Kwok Lun's character though is that he is technically only 'Enunch Ma' yet they translate it to 'General Ma.' An enunch is a low position wheras general is pretty high, there's a big difference! Plus I really doubt an enunch could've grabbed so much power and be so cozy with the emperor. :P

    I'm definitely with you that an award shouldn't be judged by age, but I guess it's just a natural thing we associate the older ones as more experienced and talented. Tavia is doing well as a villain, it's just Yiu Kam Ling isn't as complex as we thought it'd be. I'm hoping my high expectations for Beauty of the Game won't be disappointed. Then again, they aren't really expectations, I'm just looking forward to watching it. I wish it could replace Beyond's time slot, I'm growing impatient waiting for it.

    You seem to you use the threat 'throw my remote at the screen' a lot. :P Just kidding, I'd do the same but I'll spare my already whacked up computer. I'm so nice. :D I'm more of a Mak Tai Song fan than a Chai Kau fan as well, but making me decide between which actor I like in general would be too cruel, haha.

    The awards ceremony is so close! Just wondering, are you going to read the results first then watch the awards ceremony or are you going to be 'surprised' and watch it not knowing? I'm still deciding what to do.