Saturday, September 5, 2009

Banner #2: Smile!

After much thinking about what to do for my next banner, I finally got a theme: smiles. Many TVB fa dans have very pretty smiles, which makes them look even prettier. While looking through pictures for my next banner, the theme of smiles shot into my mind.

Featured in this banner: Selena Li, Aimee Chan, Leila Tong, and Fala Chen

These four have beautiful smiles that express different things..
Selena's smile reveals the innocence and gentleness of her cute and youthful smile.
Aimee is pretty in every series she's in, despite the extremely short hairstyle she has in series. Why? Because she has a very sweet smile that just seems to brighten up her whole face. I've always loved this picture of her because of the way she's just smiling so widely like she couldn't be any happier.
Leila has a 'baby face' like Sammul Chan, and along with her sweet and pure smile, she looks like the ultimate 'wholesome yet beautiful' beauty.
Fala's smile tends to show off her maturity and elegance. She looks beautiful and elegant in this picture with her updo, necklace, and of course, smile.
I did this banner almost entirely in Picnik. This banner looks much more clean than the Stephen and Elaine one. It's also less crowded. At the same time though, it is rather plain. However, I like it. It looks very nice.

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  1. Oh, that's Aimee....haha, I didn't recognize that she was the one in BF3 ..she looks diff. with short hair compared to the long one..