Monday, September 14, 2009

Moving to WordPress, Looking for a Host!

After much consideration, thought, and a little research, I've decided I will be moving to WordPress. (Thanks to Liling for answering my questions!) I want to have more options, most notably add additional pages such as 'about me' and etc. Call me 'greedy' or whatnot, I can't control what you think. :P I've been using Blogger for several months now, even before opening TVB Interaciton and while I love the simplicity and easiness of it all, I'd like to try out WordPress. I want to expand so that it will feel more like my own space.

I've done some Googling today, and while the two website hosting sites (Blogger and WordPress) have both advantages and disadvantages the other doesn't have, the advantages on WordPress catch my eye more. They fit more what I want to do. However, a free WordPress site is quite limited, and won't let me do what I planned on doing, which would defeat the purpose of me even moving. After having Liling answer my questions, I do feel as though a hosted WordPress site will be a lot better. It's free, but you get to do more. I don't mind not having my own domain name, as long as 'TVB Interaction' is somewhere in there. I will be looking for a kind TVB blogger to host me for the next couple weeks.

If after importing my posts to the WordPress blog, TVB Interaction on Blogger still exists, I will leave it up. I want to keep it to leave it as a 'memory.' TVB Interaction is my first site that I've ever been commited to and contain my best interest in. After a year in blogging, this is my best work to date. In a couple years from now when I am a much better blogger with more knowledge of Photoshop and HTML and etc, I want to look back on this and see how far I've gone. I hope everyone will continue reading and follow me to my future WordPress site. :)


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  1. oh! you're moving? Haha, It doesn't really matter to me of Wordpress or Blogger, but then I can see that using WordPress gives more of ur own style into the layout^^

    I actually have very, very little experience with html xD basically just the basic codes^^

    Hope u can find a Host soon xD Looking forward to it xD