Wednesday, September 30, 2009

In Their Face #3

While browsing through my blog in the shoes of a visitor, I saw that I haven't posted a new "In Their Face" in almost a month. Feedback for the feature has been good, and I enjoy writing it. So, please enjoy the newest issue of returning feature In Their Face! :)

Bernice Liu

With her not too skinny yet not overweight appearance, Bernice boosts a unique and sexy image that other fa dans don't have. She is one of the fa dans who can actually pull off 'sexy' without making herself look promiscuous or overly suggestive. While I'm not a big fan of Bernice's acting, and probably never will be, I have instantly fallen in love with her personality. The TVB actress is an active Tweeter and all her tweets drip with her loving off screen personality. She is a happy go lucky optimist. She's one of those people who love life and won't let an obstacle keep her down and will be positive no matter what. It's no wonder too, because although Bernice has been in the entertainment industry for almost 10 years fighting off criticisms and rumors, she is still here as beautiful as ever with a big fan base.

Steven Ma

Steven has been with TVB for quite a while, and receives many lead roles. He is very hardworking, and doesn't mind sacrificing for his career. (He's shaved his head 4 or 5 times to film costume series, which is why he is usually sporting a buzz cut.) He is currently 37 years old, and yet he doesn't look like it. Steven is slightly dorky. In pictures, he's always flashing a sometimes goofy smile. His slightly dorky and youthful spirit give off the impression he is younger than he really is. Unlike a majority of the men today, Steven is quite the gentlemen. He cares for his co-stars, particularly his female co-stars, posing as their 'big brother.' He has been there to comfort Linda as well as Fala. He also seems to be shy.

Patrick Tang

Unlike TVB siu sangs like Raymond Lam and Ron Ng, Patrick is not handsome. However, I think he's cute and has a certain charm. It's hard to believe the guy's 35 years old, as he looks the same age as all the other artistes. When Patrick smiles wide, he can look very goofy. Like Steven, he also gives off the 'slightly dorky' vibe, maybe even more so than Steven. It just proves even more though that Patrick is a big kid that does not look like his age. Along with being dorky, which also makes him seem shy, he appears to be serious about his work. Over the years, Patrick has always classified himself as mainly a singer and it seems that music is what he's more passionate about. Unlike other TVB actors/actresses turned singers, he's also a music composer, and writes some of the songs he's released. Patrick took a two year break from TVB to find better opportunity for himself as a singer, proving that he's serious about what he does and wants to make the best out of everything.


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