Saturday, September 5, 2009

New Feature: "In Their Face" #1

TVB Interaction presents it's first feature: "In Their Face.

Every person has their own personality, as well as their own attitude and more. Now, did you know that you can sometimes tell these things by just looking at them? Of course, you shouldn't simply judge a book by its cover. However, examining specific factors such as their facial features, appearance, and style, we can get a general impression of that person, or the impression they give off.

Please comment and give feedback! I will continue this feature if the response is good. :)

Tavia Yeung

With 10 years of experience with TVB under her belt, she has matured into a fine actress. Her facial features themselves make her appear more mature than her colleagues, despite being around the same age. A certain serenity is seen in her and her eyes. She has elegance, something other twenty something fa dans are usually missing.

Selena Li

One of the prettiest/cutest of the pageant participate bunch, Selena is a wholesome beauty. She is rarely seen revealing large amounts of skin. The sweet smile she loves to wear shows the youth and inner child in her. Her eyes give off a friendly and gentle feeling, which is like her personality in real life.

Kate Tsui

Her narrow shaped eyes give off a "mean" look, which is probably why she's been given villain roles recently. She is aggressive as opposed to Selena's gentleness. Her style and look tells that she is bold and daring in terms of sexuality and life. Kate has defined herself from other 'good girl' fa dans with her personality, attracting more criticism than praise.

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  1. I really enjoy reading this post, Hope you can continue it^^

    True, u can't judge anybody from just their appearance, but then I guess it's just human nature to do so...