Saturday, September 5, 2009

'Burning Flame 3' Favorite Character Poll Results

It's been a while since Burning Flame 3 ended and I have no wish to continue or go back to watch the parts I missed. My Burning Flame 3 favorite character poll has been up for some time, so I've closed it. The results are in, and there are a total of 24 votes.

Who is your favorite character in 'Burning Flame 3?'

Chung Yau-Shing (Wong He) : 1 vote / 4%

Cheuk Pak-Yue/Rex (Kevin Cheng) : 9 votes / 38% <----------

Ko Wai-Ying (Myolie Wu) : 3 votes / 13%

Fong Lei-On/Encore (Bosco Wong) : 9 votes / 38% <---------

Yung Siu-Yee/Easy (Aimee Chan) : 0 votes / 0%

Ko Ho-Nam (Stephen Wong) : 1 vote / 4%

Cheuk-Man (Elaine Yiu) : 1 vote / 4%

The title of TVB Interaction's 'Burning Flame 3' Favorite Character is a tie between Cheuk Pak-Yue/Rex and Fong Lei-On/Encore.
The results don't surprise me, though I thought Easy would've gotten at least one vote. (Poor Easy) I was ok with Rex and Encore was what brought some badly needed comical relief, but I still like Ah Nam the most. What a shame he only got one vote...:(

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