Saturday, September 5, 2009

TVB Interaction Reaches Over 1,000 Views! Contact Me!

After a summer on the web, TVB Interaction has developed a decent base. Over the weekend, TVB Interaction has officially reached over 1,000 views! Yay, I'm so happy! Thank you for reading everyone!

I've come into contact with many other fellow bloggers recently, even making friends with some of them. I enjoy talking to lynne of TVB Horizon and jessica of My Only Myolie Network. After recieving a request to be friends on Facebook from a reader, I decided to make another email. I will be using this email especially for keeping in contact with everyone here. If you have comments or questions, or you just wanna talk, feel free to send me an email!

Email me at:

Also, remember to follow me on Twitter! Drop me a tweet too! I'll be sure to reply. :)

Thanks for the hits,

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