Sunday, September 6, 2009

In Their Face #2

Linda Chung

Linda's image is commonly referred to as 'jade girl.' Completely the opposite of Kate Tsui, she uses a pure and wholesome good girl image, which is perfect for Linda. Her sweet smile and charm shows her innocence and good intentions in everything she does. However, with most modest and innocent people, they tend to be harsh on themselves. Linda is no exception. In the end though, it may be a good thing, because it makes the hardworking Linda aim harder, making her into a future fa dan.

Sammul Chan

Sammul is a very clean person and careful of his personal appearance and hygiene. This makes him rather different from other siu sangs. He has clear skin and is always cleanly shaved, even off screen. While other actors have pictures of themselves on the internet unshaven (which I find disgusting as well as annoying), Sammul is always shaved and clean. His attitude towards his personal appearance and hygiene shows that he is an organized person. His baby-like smile and face shows that he is a shy person, which is probably why he appears 'cold' with his female co-stars. Unfortunately, precisely because he likes to take care of himself and that he doesn't have rumors about him dating female costars, people think he is 'gay.' And what kind of society do we live in if a guy can't even want to take care of his personal appearance and hygiene, without being suspected to be gay?

Kenneth Ma

Kenneth is a shy person. Something about the way he smiles just says so. Most shy people though are nice and sweet, and Kenneth also appears to be so. He is a 'big kid' (literally) because he is very tall and yet very playful. Behind the scenes pictures show that Kenneth likes to have fun and reveal the child in himself. Of course, it doesn't mean he's immature. Working with TVB for 10 years and appearing in way more series than the average artiste, Kenneth has matured into a good actor with many improvements, at the same time never letting the kid in him die away.


  1. haha,glad to see this post xD

    O.o I didn't know that people thought Sammul was gay?? or acts cold toward his female co-stars, haha, I imagined him to have a funny personality xD

    Yah, Linda pretty modest^^ there were some pics of her taking the bus,eating at a hawker stall and shopping at a sales shop^^ That's what I like about her

    Haha,shy KennethxD remember reading somewhere where he was joking around with Tavia^^ (or tavia teasing him) haha, they were cute there xD

  2. Hi lynne :D

    There've been rumors about Sammul being gay for 2 years or so now. :/ However,I refuse to believe them because they're not based on proof or Sammul's own words, and just because he has very good skin for a guy, doesn't have rumors with female co-stars, and shaves. xD Aiy...papprazzi and their stories O_O I remember reading a quote by him that said 'the paprazzi link him with men, link him with women, next thing you know they'll link me with my dog when I take him out!' So I guess we can assume that Sammul is a pretty shy but funny guy. :)

    Yeah, Linda's like a 'thrift' girl, like one of MetalAZNWarrior's posts said. The post mentioned all the things you just did above. Quite a refreshing personality, Linda seems very down to earth. ^^ She knows the 'value of a dollar' cuz her family was poor before, so now even after she makes a good amount of money, she still saves up. :)

    Oh yeah, I remember that too! Tavia was teasing him, hehe, Kenneth seems like a person who is a big target of teasing. xD Hm..they'd make a cute onscreen couple..but Tavia thinks there's no 'fate' for them playing a couple. :(

    Thanks for reading! You're always the first one to read and comment. ^_^

  3. haha, ur welcome^^ I think our time zone is alike^^

    Yah,I don't think it's true either. Paprazzi just need to make news, getting people to read.

    I really want Tavia and Kenneth to pair up too^^ ...hmm, I think they did once though,around the ending of Eternal Happiness^^ but then they were only with each other for a minute or 2 ><

  4. Hm, not sure about the time zone. One time I checked my blog again about half an hour or so after posting, and saw one of the messages you left on my c-box. I wanted to see how long ago you left it (like 10 minutes after I posted or something?) but the hour was completly off, as in before I had even posted it for my time zone. I'm eastern time by the way.

    I just don't listen to what paprazzi say.

    A minute or two? What, did one of them die 2 minutes later or something? O.o I think they'd make a cute and sweet couple. ^_^ Maybe fate will change for never know. :)

  5. haha, no they didn't die...but I can't remember exactly why they got together, but both their roles were pretty small