Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Past Layouts

As I create new banners, I will most likely change the layout look and color. Sometimes, it'll be little and small things. Sometimes, it'll be major changes, or maybe even a complete makeover. For the times when that will happen, I've created this page specially to take a look at how TVB Interaction has evolved.

Stephen & Elaine - August 3 - September 2009

The Stephen and Elaine banner is the first banner I ever created. The layout colors were default and did not match that well with the banner. At the time I didn't know anything about HTML so I didn't know how to change the colors yet. I was still satisfied with the layout and banner though as I had been afraid I would have a default banner forever.

I don't have a screen capture of this layout. I might create a backup blog where I can test out different things. Then I can insert the banner and default layout as well. :)

Smile! - Late August - October 25, 2009

It was after creating my second banner 'Smile!' that I started to learn more about html. I looked for tutorials and instructions, then used them to experiment on my own blog. After becoming a bit more knowledgeable about this, I changed the colors of my template to match my banner more. I was able to pick the colors I wanted for once. Not only that, but I managed to create tabs for easy locating through posts. This layout is a major breakthrough for me and TVB Interaction because it represents how far I've come from the default layout and banner I had 3 months ago when I knew absolutely nothing about HTML. I think the light purple and blue colors match the pink of the banner nicely. It's a little girly, and gives off a 'princess' feel, but I'm satisfied anyway.

Macy Chan - October 25 - November 24, 2009

After almost two months, a new banner is finally made, this time featuring Macy Chan. To go with the yellow banner, the tabs are changed to a bright yellow as well. I wanted a new feel, so I changed the post background and sidebar colors. The violet and green compliment nicely don't they? :) I really like this layout, it gives me a fresh spring feel. Even though it was fall during the time this layout was up. While this banner was up though, the layout colors were changed numerous times.

Missing Our Favorite Fungs - Late December 2009 - February 2010
The banner of Sammul and Raymond was put up on November 24th with the previous layout. In late December though, it experienced a template change, giving TVB Interaction a refreshing feel. I'm very fond of the lilac and yellow color scheme. Although the background color is now a raspberry pink color (to match the banner), it was initially a pale gray.

Fala Chen - February - April 2010
Dang it, I forgot to take a screen capture of this layout!  This layout was the one with the banner of Fala.  However, I do remember that I used a dark purple and red color for this particular one.  I quite liked this one as well.  The contrast of the purple and red was bright and refreshing.

Suspects in Love, Him & Mandy - April - August 2010

I love this soft green dominated layout.  It's colorful while still easy on the eyes.  (I noticed the spring layout with Macy, although colorful, appeared too bright on some computers.  That's the reason the site underwent so many layout color changes while that specific banner was up.)  This banner was put up right before "Suspects in Love" started airing, and I immediately warmed up to the idea of Him and Mandy as a couple.  The word "Wanted" on the banner is a play on the word "Suspects" in "Suspects in Love".

Wordpress - August 2010 - January 2011

This was the layout of TVB Interaction the whole time it was on WordPress.  It is the first (and hopefully only) non TVB layout.  This was due to my inexperience with WordPress and lack of time to experiment with it.  While the default banner is peaceful looking, this is easily my least favorite layout.  I miss the colors.

Nancy Wu and Vincent Wong - January 26, 2011 - November 27, 2011
First layout back on Blogger!  The banner is a collage of pictures of my favorite onscreen couple of 2010, Carson (Vincent Wong) & Ah Sze (Nancy Wu) from Gun Metal Grey!  TVB Interaction has had many bright layouts and a pastel layout, so I thought that a deep colored one would be refreshing and easy on the eyes.  Due to neglecting the blog in general, I had this layout up for almost a year without realizing it.

TVB Interaction's Favorite Artiste, Ruco Chan - November 27, 2011 - February 11, 2012

After having neglected TVB Interaction for the vast majority of 2011, I've returned to the blogging scene to make more consistent updates.  As much as I loved the Nancy and Vincent layout, it was time for a new one.  I thought, who better to feature this time than my all time favorite artiste?  It's great timing too, as this year has been a breakthrough for him.  I had a hard time thinking of a color scheme, and ended up deciding to be playful and different by using contrasting but appealing colors.  The dark purple contrasts well with the light yellow, and the hints of green give it a little pop!

First Breakthroughs of 2012 : Mandy Wong & Oscar Leung - February 12, 2012 - March 16, 2012
To celebrate Mandy and Oscar's shoot to stardom during the broadcast of "L'Escargot", I made this banner.  After doing multiple bright and contrasting layouts, I decided to do things a bit differently with this one by using light colors.  I'm very fond of this layout, since it is simplistic yet calming and easy on the eyes.

Goodbye Steven Ma - March 16, 2012 - April 27, 2012

As a tribute to Steven, who officially left TVB in March, I dedicated this spring time feel layout to him, which also features his female co-stars.  This layout uses the two colors I love using, green and yellow. It was up during the whole broadcast of "Daddy Good Deeds", his final TVB series as a managed artist.

Modern Women, featuring Fala Chen, Myolie Wu, Kate Tsui - April 27, 2012 - June 24, 2012

Acting aside, Fala, Myolie, and Kate are three of my favorite female artists for their personality.   They are what I think great representations of modern women.   This is a dedication to these three lovely ladies, and the purple and pink matches the femininity of the banner, while the pale blue softens the other two colors out.

TVB Interaction's 3rd Anniversary, featuring Ruco Chan, Kate Tsui, Myolie Wu, Raymond Wong, Mandy Wong, Edwin Siu, Ron Ng, and Nancy Wu - June 24, 2012 - January 7, 2013

Matthew Ko's STEPSTAGE - January 7, 2013 - December 25, 2014

Life's more fun with a partner in crime, featuring Priscilla Wong and Tony Hung - December 25, 2014 - Present

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